Your reliable partner for city street furniture

City street furniture introduction

euroAWK is long-term partner for many Czech cities and municipalities regarding building and operating city street furniture.

Modern and complex city street furniture solution

In cooperation with internationally renowned city street furniture manufacturers we are offering and providing:

  • tailor made city street furniture solution respecting and suplementing architectural nature of given city or municipality
  • individual tailor made designs
  • high-quality materials and fabricationí
  • function and durability
  • high comfort for citizens


What can we offer

  • lighted public transport shelters
  • Citylights
  • benches
  • trash bins
  • bike stands
  • signposts and directional posts
  • informational panels
  • interactive city plans
  • and many more...

We are trusted partner of many Czech and Moravian cities

Together with cities and municipalities we provide on our expense

  • city street furniture on demand
  • complete maintenance of city street furniture
  • timely cleaning service
  • promo of city events, community/municipality support, free of charge

Cooperation with us has tangible results and brings city street furniture which brightens the city

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Bc. Sekytová Kateřina, MSc.

Technical director