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We are an international advertising company, one of the main players on Czech Out of home market.

About us

euroAWK belongs to Freund holding and AWK which have it’s HQ in Koblenc, Germany. It is one of the largest supplier of OOH posters in Europe. Its portfolio offers more than 80 000 posters in Germany and another 20 000 more posters in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

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Our posters supplement each other

Single professional design and high quality of posters

We cooperate with all main cities

Advertising posters

Our strength is in focus. We specialize in two most used types of advertising posters – Citylights and Billboards. That’s the reason why we are offering just the best you can get in Outdoor advertising.

Our posters are in attractive locations and give to our customers the best experience in promoting their brands.

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Citylight vitrins


We prepare tailor made proposals

Each request receives detailed description, interactive plan, or app for poster selection

We provide complete electronic documentation.

This makes supervision and evaluation for all campaigns easier and more convenient.

All our posters are periodically checked.

By checking the campaigns on regular basis we make them more effective, meanwhile also monitoring competitive activities.

On Client's request, we gladly arrange printing.

Printing through us saves your time, 2D or 3D supestructures increase the reach and viral potential of the campaigns.

City street furniture

We are partners for cities and municipalities

We actively cooperate with most of the cities on building and utilizing modern street furniture networks, precisely build to complement the city needs and visuals. We also provide complete service, cleaning and maintenance of such networks.

Due to this we can offer for our clients presentation on interesting, frequented places, where people like it.

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Bus shelters

Information showcases


Trash bins

Our clients

Our clients


Our partners

ZOO Praha
Vinohradské divadlo
Logo Divadlo Palace
Botanická zahrada Praha
prazska divadla
narodni divadlo

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